Monday, March 9, 2015

Will He Go Quietly?

The Republicans have shown that they just aren't up to the fight. They're supposed to be there to OPPOSE Obama, but they have signified that they will not use the two most effective weapons in their arsenal, impeachment, or “the power of the purse.” Which tells Obama he can continue to get away with doing whatever he wants, and the Republicans will do nothing important to stop him. If he decides to ignore the Twenty-Second Amendment that limits him to two terms, as he has ignored numerous other constitutional limits on his powers and run for a third term, are there enough INTELLIGENT Americans left to vote him out of office? And if they do, will he have to be dragged, “kicking and screaming” from his office in the White House? I don't think he plans to leave office in January, 2017, whatever happens. Is there ANYBODY in DC with the BALLS to stop him? (World Net Daily)

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