Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

There are two “self-fulfilling prophecies” at work in Ferguson, MO. One created by Obama, the other created by black criminals who live there. The one Obama created is that there is a “black revolution: (race war) brewing and that cops use black males for “target practice.” The other is that black cops unduly shoot blacks, without reason. This is fostered and inflamed by people who just want to kill cops, and it makes targets out of cops, who are easy to spot because they go around in well-marked cars, wearing uniforms, and must “be among” blacks to do their jobs. It was all started when a good cop did his duty and found himself being threatened with a horrible death by a HUGE black man who had ALREADY “bulldozed his way past a smaller man with a box of stolen cigars and was SOUGHT by the cops.

To make it worse, this arrogant thug was prancing down the MIDDLE of the street, in flagrant violation of the law. When stopped, he ATTACKED that cop, tried to take his gun, so he could shoot him. Instead the cop shot the thug, and killed him after he arrogantly told the cop, “You won't shoot me, you're too much of a pussy.” That's what his arrogance got him. Criminals, black and white, came from all over the country and LIED, saying that thug “had his hands up saying, 'don't shoot' when killed.” That became the “watchword that was taken up all over the country, even at a football game and even in a news show on TV. It was used as an excuse for a black criminal to “set a trap” for, and KILL two New York City Cops. It is still used, even though it has been soundly DISPROVED. Obama is using Ferguson as a “pivotal moment” in his search for an EXCUSE to make even more limiting laws and “regulations.”

Obama's criminal in charge of the cops of the nation (Eric Holder) says, “Even though the cop is not guilty of murder, and did everything right, FERGUSON police department is racist,” which gives the thugs “fuel for their fire” and himself room to claim further racism. They SAY the cops “shoot first and ask questions later” regarding black men, and they are, themselves, CREATING a world in which that may be true. Cops all over, finding themselves targets, will be on high alert, and WILL “shoot first, and ask questions later” and that will have been CREATED by black criminals, with the ASSISTANCE of white criminals, both in the citizenry and in the government. Obama was “praying” for an excuse to increase his control over the citizens of this country, and Ferguson was, and is, “made to order” for that. Cops who are made targets will shoot back. So they've now got what they SAID they had. (Outside the Beltway)

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