Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's GOTTA Be Racism!

Norway is deporting Muslims. No, not ALL Muslims, just the ones with known ties to Muslim extremists (terrorists). Liberals, of course, are whining and screaming “racism!” It's ALL racism to liberals. Anything they don't like is racism, according to them. But Norway is doing what we OUGHT to do: getting rid of KNOWN Muslim extremists. Sending them elsewhere, to bedevil someone else. Preferably their country of origin. Now violent crime in Norway is DOWN more than 31%, and that number is RISING, sure evidence that Muslim extremists are the culprits. But will Obama ever think of doing such a thing? Not a chance. Muslims—even those who are responsible for criminal activity—are his FRIENDS. He “sticks up for them” whenever he is called to “rule” on their behavior. They're screaming racism, but Muslims are NOT a race. Neither are they a REAL religion. Islam is a “religion” started by a child-screwer to make his child abuse seem like a “good thing,” and their practices, especially toward women, are abominable. Those who embrace it and who are not evil, are merely PAWNS. they'll believe ANYTHING. (Tea Party Update)

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