Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stupidities Liberals Commit

They take a teenaged druggie (Trevon Martin) who didn't like how an ostensible white man looked at him, so he was in the process of beating him to death when the guy shot him to death to stop him from beating his head against the concrete sidewalk, and try to make a hero out of him. Then they give him an UNEARNED degree that is MEANINGLESS in the real world, just to make him look better and give his mom something to brag about. Won't work. He is still a murderous thug who was killed while in the act of committing murder. They can't change that, no matter how hard they try. Next, they'll give that giant thug (Mike Brown) in Missouri a degree he didn't earn, so HIS parents can brag on him, too. Ick! (DC Clothesline)

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