Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blaming the GOP

BLAMING THE GOP: Liberals are twisting facts again, so they can blame the GOP for “Fast and Furious,” a completely Democrat-run, and botched plan to “track” guns THEY allowed to be sold illegally and prove (erroneously) that most of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from America. Yes, the plan was originally tried in the Bush administration, but was stopped when the cartels removed the GPS units from the guns that were sold, so they couldn't be tracked. Obama resurrected it WITHOUT those GPS units, which meant there was NO WAY those guns could have been tracked. They call the ATF incompetent, even though it has been operating for a long time WITHOUT a Congress-approved full director under, in effect, a budget cut, doing more with less money and has outperformed other agencies with larger budgets. Yes, they have made BIG mistakes in the past—mostly under Democrat administrations. Which doesn't mean they're incompetent now. I never thought I'd ever be DEFENDING the ATF, but when credit is due, I will say so. (Trace)

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