Tuesday, May 9, 2017

They Don't Mind

The Center for Disease Control (an organization whose mission should have nothing to do with guns) is one of the favorite outfits they like to quote, even though they are so often WRONG. In fact, they don't CARE if they're wrong. They were recently caught putting out false stats, and when people went back to see if they were changed, guess what? They WEREN'T They were still there, in all their phoniness. In 2014, gun expert John Lott notified them that they had made a mistake in quoting accidental gun deaths that amounted to 100 more deaths than there were. It was an important factor, but when he checked back in 2016. they had yet to correct that error, leading to other organizations that used their figures to also be wrong. This is the sort of sloppy statistics-handling that makes their conclusions WORTHLESS, but they are still widely used. And frankly, I don't think the anti-gun fools even care, either. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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