Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Many Stupid Politicians

It's really stupid to ask your policemen to go up against possibly ARMED criminals without having guns, themselves, to oppose them. That fact was displayed grossly in London the other day, when an UNARMED cop tried to stop a killer from killing any more people, and became the next victim to be killed by him—just before he, himself, was shot to death by cops who HAD guns. The cops' guns ENDED the threat. The unarmed cop only could give his own life in defense of the public, without being able to stop the killer. In France earlier, when Islamic terrorists were intent on killing people at a newspaper for printing a PICTURE of Mohammed, the first responders, being unarmed, could do NOTHING to stop the carnage. Thus, 11 innocent people were cruelly murdered, while they watched, while hiding behind their cars. This is not a criticism of the cops, for to have engaged the killers would have only meant their own deaths, without stopping the killing. Politicians who even CONSIDER disarming their cops are ignorant—no, they're STUPID. And any UNARMED cop killed in the performance of his duty will be “blood on their hands.” (Just common sense)

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