Thursday, May 4, 2017

Can't Avoid Killing Civilians

After a recent air strike in Iraq, the Army is :investigating” whether there were civilians killed, as well as terrorists. That's rather silly, since first of all, Islamic terrorists put civilians IN FRONT of their troops, HOPING they will be killed, so they would have a PR coup. Then there's the fact that the Islamic terrorists themselves, are civilians. Which makes it impossible to tell the difference. There was a recent story about a CHILD that was pulled from the rubble after an attack. What wasn't reported is that they also pulled an automatic weapon from the same hole—that the child was HOLDING when rescued. It is not known how many Americans that child had killed. The Islamic terrorists are KNOWN to use young children, since we don't usually suspect them—and that can be deadly. Then there is the fact that civilians ALWAYS get killed in a war, especially when it's fought around their homes. We weren't worried about civilians when we dropped two atom bombs on Japan. Awful, but true. (Just common sense.)

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