Monday, May 8, 2017

Libs CREATING Complaints

If there is ANY way to misread and misconstrue what people say to CREATE an excuse to criticize and demonstrate, sometimes even RIOT, liberals will do it. In N. Carolina, a jeweler put up a billboard that said, “It's OK to throw rocks at girls.” The message was surrounded by gems (rocks). Anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE could get the double-intendre. It meant it's okay to give girls gems, but the liberals didn't see it that way, and they griped, whined, sniveled, and demonstrated against it. Even Chelsea Clinton got into the act, doing some criticism, herself. Not that anyone important cares what she thinks. This is how they work: twist the meaning of what we say, then criticize us, based on that misrepresentation. They don't have anything else to say, or apparently to DO, so they spend their time whining about what amounts to NOTHING but their own twisted misunderstanding of something any intelligent person would not see as a problem. (The Blaze)

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