Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teaching Islam In Schools

If you just BREATHE about teaching about Christianity or any other religion is our schools, they run you out of town on a rail—except for Islam. For Islam, many schools make an exception to the rule banning religion from being taught in school. The San Diego (California) Unified School District has a program billed as an “anti-bullying” program that is designed primarily to protect Muslims, that includes teaching children about Islam. And they are not the only school system to teach Islam, and many even make taking that instruction MANDATORY. Something that is against the LAW regarding Christianity, or any other religion. How does Islam rate such preferred treatment, while other Muslims are MURDERING as many non-Muslims who will not “convert” as they can, with the full approval (even the instruction) of the Koran? Who made the decision to do so in American schools, in a country where Christianity is the “norm?” (The Blaze)

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