Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kyle: "Show of Force"

Tanya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal legend Chris Kyle, says we need to give the Islamic terrorists “a show of force.” That they aren't people with whom you “negotiate.” They don't understand negotiations, and only use them for their own purposes. A “show of force” is what we need. I say the best show of force is just to KILL THEM ALL, with bullets dipped in bacon grease or pig dung. They either understand that, or it doesn't matter because they're dead and can't kill any more innocent people for their perverted purposes. Anything less will not work. These people only understand killing. Us, or them. It needs to be them. Don't hold back because of fear of hurting civilians. For several reasons: first, they USE civilians by living among them. They see respecting the lives of civilians as a weakness. Next, they ARE “civilians.” You often can't tell them FROM the civilians until they start shooting. Just do what you have to do to KILL every Islamic terrorist you can find, where they hide. (Daily Caller)

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