Thursday, May 25, 2017

Liberal Violence

Liberalism is one of the most VIOLENT political persuasions going. They'll deny it, of course, and call me names for even suggesting it. They might even shoot up my office as they did the office of a prominent climate scientist who has done research PROVING global warming (or “climate change,” the name they now use) to be bogus recently. Of course then, we can point to the riots after Trump's election where they “ran wild,” breaking many expensive business windows while trashing all kinds of other people's property, setting limousines on fire, and assaulting people. Or the riots held to stop conservative speakers from making their speeches because they're frightened those speeches might sway people to the conservative way of thinking. They did it again recently, stopping Ann Coulter from speaking at a university. The “authorities were “worried” that she might get hurt, so they canceled it, and are now facing a lawsuit filed by the student group who invited her to speak. The idea that liberals are a “peaceful bunch” is a fantasy, as is the assurance that we need to believe in “peaceful Muslims. (Just common sense)

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