Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump Gun Control Bill?

Democrat Joe Munchin is hinting that Trump might solve his problems between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus by sponsoring some anti-gun legislation. And Munchin is just the man to spearhead it. Trump is “between a rock and a hard place with Congress, between the Democrats and the Freedom Caucus, who seem to all want to stop or delay everything he tries to do, and Munchin seems to think anti-gun legislation will help resolve those differences. Especially if it goes the way Democrats want it to go. But there's a problem; if he DOES allow more restrictive anti-gun legislation, he's going to lose a big part of his loyal followers. He will certainly lose me. I want to see him succeed, but not at the expense of our gun rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution. Not that he's worried about my support, but there are a BUNCH of people who think the same way I do, and in numbers, there is strength. (Hot Air)

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