Monday, May 1, 2017

There Are No Liberals:

At least, that's what liberals want you to think. There isn't a single liberal I know of who admits he or she is a liberal, They call themselves by many names, today, chief among them is “moderate,” or “progressive.” Although there is nothing moderate or progressive about them. The policies they espouse are ALL “out there” in left field, but they want us to believe they are “main stream.” Policies like allowing MEN to go into, and use WOMEN'S bathrooms and changing rooms; and letting men “marry” men or women marry women. They say Neil Gorsuch is too “out of the main stream” to be considered to be in the Supreme Court, because he believes judges should only rule on what the LAW or the Constitution say, not on their personal prejudices, or anything else. We called these people “Tories” during the Revolutionary War. The Tories wanted to remain under the thumb of the British king. There have always been people who are AGAINST what is good for this nation. There always will be. But we don't have to respect them, or their ignorant opinions. We are just not allowed to PUNISH them for them. (Just common sense)

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