Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Is Jesse Watters Next?

Liberals have been working HARD on Fox News hosts after scoring on the top man, and they successfully got rid of Bill O'Reilly with their specious accusations of sexual indiscretions, backed up by nothing but the unsupported word of a few women. Bill announced a “vacation” from which he did not return. Now Jesse is facing criticism for truthfully criticizing leftists for their treatment of Ivanka, and then HE announced a “vacation.” Will he be back? We'll see. They tried it with Sean Hannity, and ran into a “buzz saw.” Instead of her getting a payday, Hannity will get one after he sues her for slander. More celebrities who are similarly accused with NO proof should also sue their accusers and force them to come up with real proof, or PAY. She recanted within hours. That ought to put the “fear of God” into them. (Federalist Tribune)

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