Friday, May 19, 2017

Anti-Gun Stupidity

In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.” They're still blaming the gun for violent crime when they should be blaming the violent CRIMINALS. But they don't know any better, I guess. They'd rather victimize little girls that go after the REAL cause of the crime. Mom says she wants the school to apologize to her daughter. Good luck with that, mom! Stupid people never apologize. They're too dumb to know they did something wrong. (ABC News)

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