Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Impeach Him Already!"

That's what's on a sign carried by a PAID protester. That's what leftists are pushing, every day, since Trump was elected, contrary to the wishes of the “left.” But they're frustrated. They can't find anything with which TO impeach him. All the accusations against him and his people are horse manure. They're part of a “witch hunt.” A “Jihad” against everything Trump, sponsored by the Dumocrats and other leftists. The “chatter” about impeaching Trump continues, day by day, as leftists talk incessantly about it, while they can't find anything REAL to use to impeach him. They know Trump is busily engaged in “bursting their bubbles” and destroying their little fiefdoms—and they don't want that. He is doing precisely what he PROMISED to do, “drain the swamp in DC,” and that frightens them. So it's not surprising that they are casting around wildly, hunting for something, ANYTHING to use to “bring him down” before he gets THEM. (American Spectator)

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