Monday, May 15, 2017

The Fallacy of Gun Control

There is a basic fallacy in ALL the “gun control laws” as we know them, today. That is that criminals, who OBEY no laws, will somehow obey a law saying he cannot have a gun, and has to give his name and a lot of other information about himself to the government, making him legally liable for the crimes he commits, using that gun. If you ask an anti-gun fool about that, they have no answer, so they just call you names. For instance: in Connecticut, they're trying to make the type of gun used in the Newtown Massacre illegal to buy and own, as if making it illegal to buy and own that kind of gun would stop somebody bent on killing a bunch of kids from doing it. If the potential killer can't get his gun legally, he will simply get it ILLEGALLY. And their laws don't cover that possibility. All they do is DISARM law-abiding people, making them DEFENSELESS against such people as the Newtown killer. Gun-free zone” laws likewise, depend on the “bad guys” OBEYING their piddling laws when he is out to violate a much more serious law, that of mass murder. They're INSANE if they think their laws will make a piffle of difference. (Fairfield Citizen)

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