Monday, May 8, 2017

It's A "Black Problem"

This article says the “gun problem” in Chicago is a black problem” because absolutely most of the people who get shot, and do the shooting are black. It says the numbers exceed the numbers in Honduras, the most dangerous country in the world, but are not noted in the national numbers as such, so that doesn't make news. They say the “problem” is “negligible” in white areas. And they're probably right. White people as a rule, aren't as quick to shoot, and aren't as often members of the street gangs, who do most of the shooting. They say most researchers don't delve deep enough to get into the LOCAL figures. Which obviously could alter the national figures a lot, if such figures are noted. I don't cite the Trace often, because it is largely an anti-gun fool mouthpiece. But in this case, they seem to be right. Of course, if we report this, it will be called racist. (The Trace)

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