Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Grandstand Play Fails

A Tennessee politician, TN House Caucus Leader Mike Stewart (Dem, of course) set up a “lemonade/gun stand” to prove how easy it is to sell a gun privately without a background check. Only problem? Nobody bought it. So his “Ah ha! Moment” was more like “uh....” Add to that the fact that he bought the gun from a private seller and had to undergo a background check, himself, which, in itself, negates his premise. Nobody bought any lemonade or cookies, either, in the 48 minutes he waited for a buyer. The only thing he proved is that is is easy to buy a gun ILLEGALLY (which we've been saying, all along), which just shows how useless are ALL laws to “control gun sales” for HONEST people who OBEY laws. This entire exercise shows the ignorance of anti-gun lawmakers. He thought he could prove something, and just proved exactly the opposite. (Breitbart)

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