Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Never Democrats?

Every time the Democrats go after Republicans, somebody goes to prison. But when Republicans go after Democrat corruption, nothing ever happens to the Democrats. Why is that? Maybe it's because the liberals (Democrats) control the very means of prosecution of corruption. They are so solidly embedded in the judiciary that, even when corruption is found, nothing ever happens. As with James Comey's listing of Hillary's crimes, and then saying he would not recommend prosecution because she didn't INTEND to break the law, it has become obvious that liberals always make excuses for Democrats while “holding out the spear” for Republicans, In Watergate. For instance, 69 Republicans were charged, 48 convicted, and 14 actually served prison time, including the then Attorney General, while the PRESIDENT was forced to resign to avoid impeachment, Now we come to Hillary's “slush fund,” disguised as a “charitable foundation,” to which many foreign countries “contributed” $billions as did corporations and “the rich,” all of whom wished to have an “inside track” to her if she ever got elected president. It has been “investigated,” but nothing has ever been done about this blatant bribe mechanism. (American Spectator)

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