Friday, May 5, 2017

Getting Harder and Harder

It's getting harder and harder for Democrats to continue to fool the American people into believing Trump hasn't accomplished anything in his first 100 days. Apart from his first legislative victory and the beneficial effects of all his executive orders, now unemployment figures are better looking than they were ANY time during the Obama administration's 8 years of destruction, with 211,000 new jobs appearing on the horizon, just resulting from the “unofficial” decisions he has made, in spite of stiff opposition from ALL Democrats, and even some Republicans. Nancy Peelosi says his health care bill will “never see the light of day” in the senate, which tells me she's doing everything she can think of to stop it, by “hook or crook.” She screams over and over that Trump “has no jobs bill” when he doesn't NEED a jobs bill. He's curing the jobs problem without one. Unemployment is at a 10 year low. (Liberty Headlines)

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