Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fox News Committing Suicide

The Murdoch sons, liberals both, want to make Fox News into a shadow of CNN. They apparently don't know that CNN is slowly going “down the tubes” due to their liberal bent and the fake news they put out. They want Jeff Zucker, currently CNN president, to complete the suicide. They want him to run Fox. They're apparently not smart enough to realize that following CNN into oblivion will mean the END of Fox News as a “leader” in the news business. Why Murdoch allows them their head, in their efforts to destroy Fox News is beyond me. Maybe he has become too feeble minded in his old age to even notice. They look upon the firing of Roger Ailes as an opportunity to make Fox into just another liberal mouthpiece, and they're working HARD to accomplish that goal. (Breitbart)

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