Friday, May 19, 2017

Lois Lerner Is Afraid

The “investigation” into her “foot dragging” on conservative organization applications for tax-exempt status is taking place behind closed doors, so America will not know anything about the truth if uncovers-IF it uncovers any. She should have feared for her life when her crapping on people's rights was first uncovered. Now she's “taking the Fifth” to avoid telling them anything and insisting that if the proceedings become open, her life will be in danger. Boo-hoo! I feel for her. I just can't seem to reach her. She is now retired on FULL PENSION, relaxing by the pool on full pay, even after her actions, and one of her accomplices still works for the IRS, but has been “reassigned,” to a position that puts him “under wraps” where nobody can see that he is still operating. (American Spectator)

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