Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Senator MOM?" Horrors!

It's bad enough the anti-gun fools listen to this fool. But as a SENATOR? Apparently, Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) has quietly moved from my old state, Indiana, to my new (30 years ago) home, Colorado. There are rumors that she will try to unseat Sen. Corey Gardner, Senator from Colorado. It's bad enough she goes all over the country spouting her ignorant wishes to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make everybody who OBEYS laws defenseless against those who don't, it would be worse if she actually had the power to MAKE laws to do so. And not as a lowly representative. She's going for the whole banana; SENATOR. And it's an almost sure thing that she will have the million dollar backing of Mike Bloomberg, since she's his favorite fool, and they call Denver “The People's Republic of Denver.” And they're right, with a mayor who comes very close to declaring Denver a “sanctuary city,” and a governor likewise, that's an apt description. Although there are many human beings in Denver, as well as all over Colorado. Just not enough to actually elect intelligent people to office. So with Bloomberg's millions, she might just succeed. (shudder!) One more anti-gun fool meddling in our lives—as if we didn't have enough, already! (Gun-Free Zone)

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