Friday, May 5, 2017

"Rush: Bad For America?"

Some years ago a liberal magazine ran a story with the title, “Is Rush Limbaugh Bad for America?” complete with a “Photoshopped” picture of Rush looking very sinister) And recently, Ted Koppel did a LONG interview with Sean Hannity, using only about 10 seconds of it to make Hannity look bad, and concluding that HANNITY is “bad for America.” The whole purpose of this is to discredit conservatism and convince people that liberalism is the only “right” there is. But liberals LIE about everything. They try and convince you that what IS, ISN'T, and what ISN'T, IS. And they continue to work HARD to convince you that the conservative news and opinion services only publish “fake news,” when it is the LIBERAL news sources that do it, every day. If what they spout were true, why would they want to stop people on the right from being able to say anything? Why do they RIOT to keep conservative speakers from saying a WORD on their liberal campuses? (Liberal campuses—a redundancy, there) Why do liberal “snowflakes” need “safe spaces” where opinions with which they don't agree are not allowed, so they won't have to hear them? Rush Limbaugh has this to say about it: “We constitute a threat because what we actually do is blow holes through their facts, and we illustrate how their facts are largely a bunch of lies, in many cases. And that’s what he’s upset about. And you instinctively know this. (Just common sense)

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