Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gore Wants $15 Trillion

Gore isn't satisfied with the $BILLIONS he has scored from his global warming/climate change swindle thus far. He has now started an organization that is DEMANDING that governments all over the globe combine to give him $15 TRILLION dollars to “fight climate change.” What that might entail, I can't tell you. Neither can he. He only would keep mentioning “investing in 'green energy' and doing other things like promoting 'green legislation' that might, or might not do ANYTHING to limit climate change—which doesn't exist, anyway.” Of course, Gore will “get a cut” of that $15 trillion. Nobody seems to notice that global warming has already made him a billionaire. He sees global warming as a “permanent payday.” They keep saying it's “settled science,” but it is NOT. There is no such thing. Scientists used to think the world was flat and that was “settled science” until more information came out. They say a majority of climate scientists agree about global warming. But science isn't subject to a vote. It either is, or it ISN'T, regardless of ANYBODY'S opinion. (World Net Daily)

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