Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"The Coming Race War"

Al, Sharpton says blacks are buying guns in increasing numbers because of the “coming race war.” They don't trust Trump to protect them from white people. People like Sharpton have been pushing the idea of a race war since the fifties, in my own memory. I was once asked by a policeman, no less, in N. Carolina in the fifties which side I'd be on when the race war he was expecting came. But it never came, even though black activists have been trying valiantly to get one started, right along. They claim white against black racism is rampant in this country, but the racism that is BECOMING rampant in this nation as it is promoted heavily by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is black against white racism. They WANT to get a race war started so they can shoot more white people. Of course, they'll call me racist for this item, but who cares what they call me? They've MANUFACTURED racism so much that their cries of “racism” now mean NOTHING. (Weasel /Zippers)

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