Friday, May 12, 2017

Fighting For Segregation

For 100 years black people have been fighting for acceptance into society. One of the things they fought hardest AGAINST is places designed to keep the races separate. It was called segregation, and they hated it with a passion. Now that black against white racism has gained status among them, they're fighting for a RETURN to segregation, only this time to keep WHITES out! So now the University of Colorado Boulder has surrendered to the demands of students and is considering creating a “black only” dorm, to exclude WHITES. I just can't understand liberal thinking. They fight for years to ELIMINTATE segregation, only to DEMAND it after they win! This serves to PROVE my contention that liberals have NO logic, nor common sense. When they win, and thus have nothing to fight against, they INVENT new (or old) things to fight against, and keep fighting. (Daily Caller)

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