Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Judicial Overreach

There's a COORDINATED effort among liberal judges where liberals are in the majority, to block whatever Trump does, any time they can. And they do it in the area where any appeal would go to the most liberal court there is, the Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals, where is it almost GUARANTEED to be upheld. Of course, they fail to consider that when it gets to the Supreme Court, where there is now a non-liberal majority, it just might be reversed, since conservatives follow the law, not their personal preferences. But in the meantime, the measures they block will not be in effect, and people will DIE because of it. That young girl in San Francisco who was murdered right in front of her father was killed by a MANY-TIMES deported criminal who should not have even been IN this country, and who was RELEASED when caught again before he killed her. (Just common sense).

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