Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Got What They Wanted

The Dumbocrats finally got what they've been telling us they wanted. A special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the ”Russian connection” and Trump's supposed “collusion” with them to get him elected. They were appointed by the acting AG, an Obama appointee. Now they're going to spend some more $millions on a RUMOR. But the Dumbocrats better be very careful what they wish for. What REALLY needs to be investigated is the finagling the Dumbocrats did to keep Bernie Sanders from getting the Dumbocrat nomination, instead of Hillary. That “super delegate” business is so absurd it makes no sense to intelligent people. What it did was rob Bernie of primary wins where he got more votes than Hillary, but still she got more delegates. They also need to institute an investigation where they bring EVERY instance of voter fraud together to figure out the pattern that, I'm sure, will show that the Dumbocrats were stealing votes, all along. Then there is the “Jihad” against Trump that is going on. The LEAKS that have so perplexed everybody (but the Dumbocrats). The plot that has something new every day coming out with NO kind of proof of anything, but which gives Dumbocrats something to whine about. (Business Insider)

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