Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Denying the Obvious

The brutal murder of Seth Rich, a former Dumocrat National Committee (DNC) staffer close to his home was obviously political. The cops called the killing a “botched robbery,” even though his wallet, watch, and credit cards were not taken. This is common when cops don't want to bother really investigating something. They call it a “botched robbery,” (which signals that no investigation will be seriously undertaken) even though the evidence tells any thinking human being it was NOT. They're even “jumping up and down” at the very suggestion that he may have been involved with Wikileaks, to the point where they want Fox News to FIRE Sean Hannity for insisting there was something there to investigate.

Truth is, it's a political assassination and the “higher-ups” do not want ANY investigation beyond trying to find a bungling robber who does not exist. They're afraid somebody will uncover their own wrongdoing. Somebody has obviously put enough pressure on Fox to get them to retract their story about it, even though there is direct evidence it is true. Wikileaks will neither confirm nor deny that Rich was the source for Hillary's e-mails, which means nothing, since Wikileaks NEVER reveals their sources, even after death of same. Somebody's afraid that if Rich is confirmed as the source, that will destroy their story that it is “the Russians.” (Western Journalism)

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