Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Too Dumb," I Guess

That's what a Wisconsin undergraduate researcher thinks about black people. Her “research” has shown that black people just can't handle the intricacies of “proper English” and thus we should “embrace” Ebonics to accommodate them. In a real world, this researcher, one Erica Gallagher, would be condemned, and be called a racist. But in a world run by liberals, this “legitimizes” their “victim status,” and allows them to be “lorded over” by liberals. This is understandable for she lives in a purely liberal world on her campus, where “looking down” on black people is common, if not advertised. This is another way to do it, undercover, saying she “wants to help them,” since they “can't handle” standard, grammatical English and feel “oppressed” by it. In any intelligent person's thinking, that means that,” since they're too dumb to understand, WE should learn, and use THEIR language. This is thinly disguised racism, and asks blacks to cooperate with it. Of course, I'll be called racist for pointing this out. (Daily Caller)

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