Friday, May 5, 2017

Requiring False Data

“Climate change” requires false data to support it. That has been true all along, but most people don't realize it. But AlGore and Barack Obama realize it, they they both work HARD to produce it, so as to keep the money and power they can gain from it coming. You've no doubt heard about the NOAA lies, but there is more. Now yet another “whistleblower” has come forward to confirm what all INTELLIGENT people know: that Obama's people also contributed to the fund of false data put out to support this bogus theory. Former Obama top administration official, physicist Steven Koonin and several others have told us it was “common” for people to produce false data to support the climate change flight of fancy. The scammers know it's getting harder and harder to convince INTELLIGENT people that climate change is a real problem, so now they're trying to make laws to PUNISH people who don't believe in their “religion.” (Liberty Headlines)

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