Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Liberalism Defies Logic

The things they tell us to believe are irrational and illogical. Like the idea that the rich got rich by stealing from the poor. If the poor had anything worth stealing, they aren't poor, are they? And allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms because a man SAYS he “identifies” as a woman. Then they make it worse by claiming that “some women have penises,: and “men can menstruate.” These are IMPOSSIBLE ideas and it takes people who aren't too intelligent to really believe them. Yet they think they're smarter than the rest of us. Then there is their assurance that their gun control laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down crime. In reality, they make crime WORSE by disarming the people who OBEY the law while those who do NOT obey the law have no trouble getting guns, illegally. Their real purpose seems to be to make law-abiding people defenseless. Which is why whenever they find us having ANY kind of a weapon, they take it away from us. One such is their laws limiting us to carrying knives with only blades less than 3 inches long. Somebody came up with the idea to let people carry stun guns, and even to make them look like innocuous items such as cell phones. Now they're rushing to make laws against us being able to carry those self-defense items. And some places already have such laws. (Just common sense)

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