Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Awwww--Poor Baby!

Three young thugs armed with brass knuckles and knives did a home invasion and were met by a guy with an AR-15. He killed all thee. Now the grandfather of one of the dead thugs is whining about his AR-15 making the fight “unfair.” Awww—poor baby! Ya went into a home armed with brass knuckles and knives, ready to kill anybody who resisted—but you didn't have guns. So the homeowner should throw away his gun and get his brass knucks? Seems to me when you break into a man's home prepared to beat him senseless or stab him to death, you should know you're taking a chance on “getting dead” yourself. The shooter had no way of knowing the thugs didn't have guns. He just knew the thugs were breaking into his home and reacted, as it turns out, with deadly force. He was not charged with a crime, and he should not have been. It was pure self defense, no matter what weapons the thugs were carrying. It's not necessary for a victim to check to see if having a gun is “fair.” (Bearing Arms)

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