Thursday, May 4, 2017

It's NOT Insurance, Dammit!

The Democrats are insisting on coverage for pre-existing conditions in the Republican bill to replace Obamacare. Many Republicans also are insisting. But that takes it out of the realm if INSURANCE and makes it into WELFARE. Liberals hate it when we say that, because it's TRUE. If your house burned down, or is simply on fire and it's not insured, you can't buy insurance on it, That's logical. So if you can insure your health when you have none it's NOT “insurance” on it. It's WELFARE. That is inescapable, but liberals want to escape it, and CALL it insurance. If the government is going to let this stand, don't call it “insurance.” Call it what it is, WELFARE. Black is black. It is not white. It cannot BE white. Liberals insist covering pre-existing conditions is “insurance,” but it is NOT. It cannot ever be! No matter how much they want to insist on it. (Just common sense)

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