Thursday, November 1, 2018

Don Lemon's A Fool!

A DAMNED fool!! He really thinks someone with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE will believe the crap he makes up and “reports” as news. Like his latest effort, trying to convince the world that “white men” were a “terrorist threat” and should be subjected to “travel restrictions,” among other things, as if being white makes them some kind of a criminal. What amazes me is that he “reports” these figments of his fertile imagination as if they were true. They’re not. He really thinks black people have the kind of power to make his ideas work. Rankly, this fool reminds me of the things WHITE racists said about black people in the past, while other racists believed them, and acted on them. Which led to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), which was started by the Dumocrats to keep the black people in line. Today’s regeneration of the KKK, that is called ANTIFA, sets its sights on WHITE people, using the same tactics (minus horses, of course) as did the KKK many years before. But on white people, this time, running around hiding their identities under masks, as do most cowards. Lemon has solidly cemented himself as a racist with his words, and if CNN has any sense at all, they’ll do with him what NBC did with their on-air personality who made racist comments. Some people (you know who) will call me a racist for this item, but know this. I would say the same things about Lemon if he were black, white, pink, yellow, red, or purple with green polka-dots. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge this individual to be a typical racist FOOL. (The Daily Caller)

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