Monday, November 5, 2018

Wiser Heads Prevailed

Almost. Remember that guy who got pushed to the ground by a man that he had threatened in the past because he was hassling a woman who illegally parked in a handicapped zone? The guy who then drew his gun and killed the guy who pushed him down, as he was leaving? The local “authorities” called it a “stand your ground” situation and said they were not going to file charges against him for murder. WRONG! Under “stand your ground,” you MUST be “afraid for your life,” and this guy was NOT. The guy who pushed him down was turning to leave when shot. He was, in NO WAY posing a threat to this guy’s life. Quite he opposite, actually. The guy he pushed down had previously threatened to kill the victim, and carried out that threat, here. He SHOULD have been charged with premeditated murder. They actually (finally) charged him with manslaughter, and even THAT could be changed as time goes on. Double jeopardy does not apply until the guy has been tried, and not convicted. Charges are revised in many cases as additional facts are considered. One would hope that happens in this case, or this guy will be getting away with first degree murder. (Legal Insurrection)

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