Wednesday, November 7, 2018

We're Screwing Ourselves

The gullible American people elected many Dumocrats on November 6. But the biggest mistake (that we know of) was giving socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a seat in the House. We will suffer from that later on, as she introduces socialist measures and other socialist-leaning Dumocrats vote with her. Most notably Bernie Sanders, who was re-elected, along with her. Frankly, I can’t see why anybody with any degree of intelligence, at all, would ever vote for a Dumocrat. They have told us, loud and clear, that they want to reverse all the good things Trump has given us, and get rid of Trump, too. Nancy Peelosi called Trump’s massive tax cuts (for everybody, not just the rich) “crumbs,” which belittles the largest tax cut in history. Then she told us Dumocrats would reject that tax cut if they could, along with everything good Trump has done in just two years. Yes, we retained a “sliver thin” control in the Senate, which should allow us to block what the Dumocrats want to do to this country—IF the RINOs and Trump haters in the Republican Party don’t sabotage that. The good news is that the Dumocrat majority in the House is just as “razor thin,” which means things could change. Of course, they could also change in the other direction too, because the difference in the Senate is also thin. (The Blaze)

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