Thursday, November 8, 2018

Incompetent Policing

Convicted felons can’t legally buy guns. Right? Then why did Marlin Mack, a convicted felon, PASS a background check so he could legally buy the gun he used to kill a “graduate student” during an attempted restaurant robbery? Cops found him at a “swanky hotel” later, and three cops were shot apprehending him. All with a gun he bought LEGALLY while being a convicted felon. Mack was killed in that gunfight, which is the best way to handle such people. One cop said, “He needs to be warehoused until he is old and decrepit. WRONG! Had he lived, he should have been given the death penalty. Some people just don’t deserve to be alive. Mack is one of them. Anti-gun fools say “background checks save lives.” Did they save these lives? Obviously not, as the dead bodies piled up attest. When even a convicted felon can pass one of their highly vaunted background checks and buy his guns LEGALLY, we’re ALL in trouble. And the ONLY real solution is to ARM the law-abiding so they can protect themselves, instead of DYING while waiting for the cops to arrive with their guns. Had there been ONE armed civilian in that crowd at the restaurant, maybe that “graduate student” would not have had to die. But anti-gun fools will NOT hear of this. They go right on making their USELESS laws that stop NOBODY from getting guns. If they can’t get them legally, they get them ILLEGALLY. (Truth About Guns)

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