Friday, November 2, 2018

Voting Democrat Is Dumb

Why anybody with any intelligence would vote for a Dumocrat is beyond me. They have nothing to offer except a return to the economic miasma of the Obama years. They have PROMISED to reverse all the good things Trump has done, including the tax reductions that have allowed us to keep more of that we EARN. They have told us that they will immediately move to impeach the president who has done all those good things—like bringing the unemployment rate down to record lows while the stock market has risen to record highs, constantly. Yes, there is a little “correction” that happened, but the over all direction is UP. Trump is concentrating on the “border problem” that the Dumocrats only want to make worse. He will allow law-abiding Americans to be armed for self defense, while Dumocrats mostly want to DENY us that Constitutional right. Anything that stops them from ripping us off, they want to change. Like the drive to abolish ICE, and their wish to get rid of the Second Amendment. They hate it with a passion whenever Trump does something good for Americans, while promising to reinstitute measures we are guaranteed to hate. They want to impose SOCIALISM on us. You know, that system BASED on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth from the producers, to give that stolen to those who produce NOTHING. All this at YOUR expense, not theirs. They always find ways to exempt themselves from the things they impose on you. (Legal Insurrection)

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