Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Coward's "Resistance"

Some guy (it might be a guy) SUPPOSEDLY “in the White House” doing everything he/she can to derail Trump’s work, has written an ANONYMOUS letter to the editor of The New York Times (surprise, surprise!) saying he/she is part of “the resistance” working in the White House. But since he/she didn’t have guts enough to attach his/her name to the letter, there’s no proof of that. The letter could just be from some liberal fool out there CLAIMING to be “in the White ‘House.” It might even be a White House janitor! The very fact that the letter is anonymous makes it worthless. Nobody cares what some fool liberal out there thinks. But liberals everywhere will treat it as “gospel truth” and claim it as “authoritative truth,” when it is anything BUT. It’s like the “imaginary Friend” Harry Reid cited once for one of his “flights of fancy” or the other “anonymous sources” cited by liberal-run newspapers for their critical articles about President Trump. It’s a pattern: start something by using an “unnamed source,” declare it truth, and expound upon it forever. They’ve used this scam over and over. “The Resistance” is just another name for “The Swamp,” and they’re doing everything they can to stop Trump before he gets to them. (Patriot Post)

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