Friday, November 2, 2018

Gun Control Is Useless

It is inarguable that gun control does NOT work. But anti-gun fools such as New York Governor Cuomo and California Senator Diane Feinstein continue to support it, while “demonizing” those of us with INTELLIGENCE who point this out. We have pointed it out countless times, and they IGNORE us, just like the bad guys ignore their laws, and continue to kill people. Like the 70 people who were killed in ONE WEEKEND in Chicago and the ten people shot in Manchester, England, which, not having a Second amendment, has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the world. Fortunately for the victims in Manchester, the shooters weren’t very good shots. While spraying a crowd with bullets, they didn’t manage to kill anybody (yet). Two CHILDREN were among the victims. If one looks at liberal-run cities in the U. S., almost ALL of them have similarly tough anti-gun laws in spite of the Second, and almost all of them have high gun crime rates. This signifies to me that there isn’t anything much more USELESS than laws preventing only the law-a biding from having guns with which to defend themselves against the holders of ILLEGAL guns when they come to victimize them. But the anti-gun fools, almost all of them liberals, ignore that and go right on making more USELESS anti-gun laws. We need to vote all such politicians out of office and stop electing them. (Breitbart)

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