Monday, November 5, 2018

"Not Intentional"

Former FBI Director James Comey said there will be no charges against Hillary Clinton for being so careless about classified information in her e-mails because she didn't “intend” to. They must have something on him because this is prima facie evidence that “the fix is in.” I don't think it's because of any wrongdoing on his part. Maybe they threatened his family. There's a lot at stake, and crossing the Clintons is important enough to kill for. If you don't think this was important enough to put terminal pressure on him, I feel sorry for you. They prosecuted General Petraeus for telling his mistress some classified information. Do they really think he INTENDED to tell her? INTENT makes no difference when it comes to releasing classified information because doing so can put lives in danger. Further, nobody who has such a careless control of such information has ANY business being president. She is an INCOMPETENT politician, but that doesn't seem to be a problem in DC. The Clintons, and the AG, are probably having a party today, and laughing their butts off at us.(Patriot Post)

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