Monday, November 5, 2018

"Pro-ANTIFA Studies"

A pro-ANTIFA professor has written, “If we don’t destroy capitalism, it will destroy us!” Never mind it is capitalism (also known as “the free market”) that is the reason America is the destination of choice for millions of people who want to improve their lot in life. Never mind that even socialist countries that have imposed socialism on their citizens, USE the free market in their dealings with other countries on the world market. They go out to make PROFIT, while decrying profit for their people. Never mind the fact that socialism NEEDS capitalists and people who EARN their living, to create victims they can LOOT to support their socialism. The free market (called “capitalism” in a jeering way by socialists) is the very reason the United States has been able to outstrip civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, in about 300 years is something socialists want you to ignore, in their quest to control, and later to OWN what belongs to YOU. Their very motto reveals their perfidy: It is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making need a DEMAND upon the earnings of others. Without people who can EARN to loot, socialism wouldn’t even last as long as it does. It is when they run out of “other people’s money” that socialism FAILS, as it has in Russia, Venezuela, and other countries, including Cuba. (Legal Insurrection)

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