Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"Free Stuff! Free Stuff!"

That’s what’s being hollered by all liberal candidates for office. They fall all over each other to see who can offer the most “free stuff” to buy the votes of those who just want to live at the expense of others. One candidate for the governorship of Maryland is promising free college tuition for ILLEGAL ALIENS! He says the money to pay for it would come from higher taxes for “the top 1%” (a favorite scam) AND from the cost savings of reducing the prison population by 30% (a pipe dream of liberals letting more felons loose on the rest of us). One wag compared this to the legislation that spent $130,000.00 to install a heated sidewalk in front of the governor’s mansion so it wouldn’t have to be shoveled in the winter. The whole point is that liberal politicians like this are good at spending somebody else’s money, never their own. They are also good at spending other people’s money to make life easier for themselves. Socialist Bernie Sanders, in Vermont, wants to be president, so he can tap into the incomes of producers of new wealth nationwide. He has offered many different kinds of “free stuff,” such as free tuition for everybody, basic minimum income for everybody, whether they work, or not, $15.00 an hour for entry level employees with no training that are not WORTH than much money. Socialists like this never really consider how they’re going to PAY for their “largess” with other people’s money. Some, such as that Maryland governor hopeful, TRY to consider that, but fail most of the time. (The College Fix)

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