Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"Watch Out for the Kids!"

When you’re choking and threatening to kill your girlfriend and everyone else in the house, watch out for the kids. Don’t discount their presence, and ability to change things, as these children did. This man, who was a felon and had MANY GUNS, often carrying one, was strangling his girlfriend and threatening to kill her and all her children, when the fifteen-year-old daughter was handed a gun by her younger brother, and used it to kill the guy before he could finish carrying out his threat. There are several things here that prove, again, that anti-gun laws don’t work. First, this guy was a felon and had SEVERAL guns, often even carrying one, in violation of MANY of the anti-gun laws. Second, it was a good thing there were that many guns in the house, because that is what led to his death, rather than hers, and that of all her children. Yes, a child using a gun would ordinarily be against the law too, but in this case, it was simple self defense, and no charges will be filed against this young girl. (WBTV)

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