Friday, November 2, 2018

Swiss Do the Unthinkable

At least as far as liberals, the world over, will think. They denied citizenship to 2 young girls for “not assimilating” into the Swiss culture. What they did was refuse to take compulsory swimming lessons in school because boys would be in the pool at the same time. They said it was because their “religion prevented them from swimming in the same pool with boys.” which is carrying it a little too far. Boy, Muslims are really afraid somebody might see their women and maybe want them. Even if that's a stretch. It's an outgrowth of the Muslim practice of HIDING their women from the world, lest someone would rape them. They know how prone their own men are to rape, so it frightens them. They're deathly afraid of assimilating into ANY culture but their own, even if they move into other cultures. They insist those new cultures “bend to THEIR will.” In Switzerland, they don't have Constitutional protection for “religious” practices to overturn local laws, like we do. (World Net Daily)

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