Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gun Control Defies Logic

And all those anti-gun fools who make all those USELESS laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even SLOW DOWN “gun crime” have to know that. It’s not necessarily the laws that make no sense, it is the very idea that you can stop “gun crime” by making laws against it. People who want to kill people will just IGNORE your laws, or just use something else. Like the “box cutters” the Islamic terrorists used to hijack the four airplanes they used to kill 3,000 people in the World Trade Center. “Gun-free zones,” for example. Has there ever BEEN a single mass shooting that happened OUTSIDE of a gun-free zone? Criminals freely tell us they SEEK OUT such zones in which to do their “dirty work,” just BECAUSE they can be pretty sure nobody who OBEYS laws will be armed, and able to stop him from killing people—until the cops finally get there with their guns. “Background checks” don’t work because would-be killers either pass them if they haven’t yet committed a crime, or they just get their guns ILLEGALLY, or use something else in their quest to kill people. “Safe storage laws” only keep the guns people already legally own impossible to get into action quickly enough to repulse a criminal with his ILLEGAL gun, which he already has in his hand. Criminals IGNORE LAWS. That’s a given. So law-abiding people are at a disadvantage in dealing with them, and they can usually kill at will with their ILLEGALLY-owned guns. Laws do nothing to stop that, so why not look for something else to do, to accomplish that goal? The reason is simple: they don’t KNOW anything else, and they want to convince the voters they are DOING SOMETHING, even if it is USELESS. (Just common sense)

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